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21 June 2023 10:13 WIB - Administrator

PT Hamana Works Indonesia Participates in Slawi Ageng Jobfair on May 24-25, 2023

Tegal - This jobfair is the first one held after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Regent of Tegal Regency, HJ. Umi Azizah, hopes that this jobfair can absorb more job seekers to reduce unemployment rates in Tegal Regency.

The jobfair takes place at the Pendopo Amangkurat Setda and is organized by the Department of Industry and Labor of Tegal Regency to commemorate the 422nd anniversary of Tegal Regency. Another objective is to bring job seekers closer to companies offering job vacancies.

On this occasion, PT Hamana Works Indonesia is offering 15 job vacancies for various positions, open to candidates with different educational backgrounds ranging from high school to university level.

This jobfair is attended by approximately 97 private companies and state-owned enterprises, offering around 264 available positions. It is participated in by 11,178 participants.

Unlike previous jobfairs, participants of this jobfair can access job vacancies through the website https://jobfair.slawiageng.id/. The aim is to make it easier for jobfair participants to view and apply for available vacancies.